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We may have a few spots opening up soon, please call in for availability.  ages 8 and up.

Maplewood stables offers year round lessons, that are in a safe, controlled environment.
We have a variety of horses and ponies that encompass most levels of skill,) They are well-trained & well maintained, meaning we try not to overuse them and strive to keep them happy and willing to work which makes things safe.

We are lucky enough to have 2 arenas on our property which allows us to use one arena exclusively for the lesson students. We also have 2 outdoor rings for summertime use. Unfortunately Trail riding for lesson students is not an option due to high insurance costs.

Lessons are provided by 4 very valuable instructors who do a fantastic job catering to each students specific needs. Lesson horses need a day off so Sunday is rest day.

Jen B  owner and operator of the stables since 2002. She has dabbled her toes in many disciplines including Eventing, Hunting, Jumpers, Pony Club and Dressage. She is focusing on keeping the kids on the right track and teaching them independence and how to enjoy and understand their horse. She teaches Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Bronwen- loves teaching all ages and skill levels. She has done many years of coaching at Bethany’s Summer camp program at Saddlewood equestrian. She has her own young horse in training named ‘Wicklow’ and he is the love of her life. She teaches Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday.

1/2 hour private- $45

1 hour group- $35 (no more than 4 students, average 3)

Make sure you show up a little early to your lessons to get your horse/pony ready so you can have as much in the tack time as possible.

If you have any questions about lessons,

please do not hesitate to call Jen Burnham at 905 375-5727
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